Your Tests

We offer a wide and comprehensive range of diagnostic tests in order to find the optimal treatment concept for you, also including:

Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

NGS is a high-throughput DNA sequencing technology, and one of the greatest advances in the biological sciences in the last decades. Medical research, and  especially the cancer field is at the forefront of these efforts given the genetic aspects of the disease. We have integrated NGS into our clinical cancer diagnostics to develop individualised treatment options by targeting specific genes and mutations, depending on your NGS results.

Chemosensitivity testing

Chemosensitivity testing involves the analysis of your circulating tumour cells (CTCs), and enables us to tailor an individualised cancer treatment for you, as in  this test, cultures of  your CTCs are exposed to a wide range of available cancer therapy agents, including conventional chemotherapeutic agents, antibodies and bilogicals, and then the cell’s resistance or sensitivity to the treatment is analysed. Sensitivity to treatment can be claculated by measuring the extent to which a chemotherapy agent induces destruction of cultured cells. Also, resistant mechanisms present in the culture of CTCs can be evaluated. Mechanisms of resistance may be responsible for the failure of primary therapy and therefore are a promising target of individualised anti-cancer therapy.
Overall, the cemosensitivity test provides a panel of treatment options with objective evidence of efficacy for the individual patient, from which the best treatment plan can then be selected.