Testimonial - Darmkrebs


Dino Müller

Hello to all, I´m Dino and now 39 years old and happy to had the chance to stay at Hallwang Clinic.


In January 2014 I got the diagnose colon cancer in stage 3. After a operation I had 8 treatments over 24 weeks chemotherapy in total in front of me. The 1st chemo I had was at a local hospital with a bad result. That means I lost my power quit fast and I was not able to eat anymore. With an height of 186cm I weighed just 59kg and I felt more than bad. But! I could go ahead with the treatments at the Hallwang Clinic. And that´s the reason why I´m still alive, honestly. The medical care of the doctors and the nurses was great. The hole team did a great job. After 3 weeks when I started the treatments at Hallwang Clinic were so successful, that I had a weight of 72 kg. After the completed chemotherapy I stayed in a rehab and the responsible doctor couldn´t believe my success story.


Now, 4 years after the diagnose, I have more than 82kg with a body fat less than 13%. That means I´m physically fit. And without the care of Hallwang Clinic I were not able to write these words.

A heartfelt thank to Albert, Jens and the whole team. You are great! Thanks you all.



Pauline Gahan

In July we shared a newspaper article on one of our patients who was given up by her doctors at home in the UK. Here is an update on her amazing results achieved so far!


Many of our patients come to us because they were sent home with neither hope nor treatment options in their home countries. But our patients do not want to give up. They travel far to get treatment, and we feel honored so many choose our clinic and achieve incredible results though personalised cancer immunotherapy, one of the most promising and novel treatments strategies in cancer medicine. Specific diagnostic tests on tumor tissue and targeted, patient-tailored treatment approaches are still costly and unfortunately not covered by any insurance, especially compared to nonspecific cancer treatments that have been around for many decades, but we are happy to see the impressive results these new immunotherapies produce.

Read here about one of our patients in the Manchester news
-we are so happy we can help and are looking forward to meeting you back at the clinic!