Testimonial - Hirntumor

Agnes about her husband Bahman, UK

The start of 2018 I saw my dear husband and father of two young children, Bahman collapse and be diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 Glioma and has been given a life expectancy of 6 to 12 months.


Before he collapsed Bahman was a strong independent man who was full of energy and enjoying life. 


In January 2018, after he collapsed, Bahman underwent open brain biopsy and the results from a biopsy, confirmed our worse fears. Terminal Stage 4 Glioma, which is inoperable. As the tumour is in close proximity to the brain stem there are no surgical options available. We were advised that he would need to start aggressive Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatment. In the UK we have been told that is very unlikely that he will get any better, they are only were hoping to keep him in the same condition and stop the tumour for a short period of time with the radiation. After biopsy his condition deteriorated every day, he couldn’t speak, couldn’t sit or walk, needed feeding. To witness our beloved Bahman weaken to this degree has been heart-breaking for our family, especially for our children. Their strong father who always had time for them and spent hours playing with them, now is confined to a chair and is totally immobile without assistance. 


BUT, OUR FAMILY HAVE NOT GIVEN UP HOPE and through research we have found a clinic in Germany who are carrying out pioneering treatment. The Treatment involves next generation genetic testing and immunotherapy.


We started the treatments in April 2018 and after 3 month Bahman’s condition improved considerably. The tumour kept shrinking and now it is smaller by 40 percent. Bahman now can speak and socialize; he is more mobile and has no double vision. He is able to go out with friends and engage with his children.


Hallwang clinic is located in the middle of the Black Forest in a beautiful tranquil setting. People all around the world come here for treatments and it was very therapeutic to speak to other patents and their families and hear their stories. Many of them achieved amazing recovery. We really enjoy every visit. Everybody is very kind and welcoming. The doctors and nurses are very caring, the kitchen staff, waitresses and housekeeping staff is very helpful. The food is simply amazing and healthy, sourced from local organic farms. They pay attention to every detail. We can also enjoy complementary relaxation sessions from the philologist.   


Just a year ago my husband has almost died, has been given less than a year to live. Thanks for the synergy of the therapies he is stable and feeling well, recovered from a hopeless situation and we hope we can carry on many years to come.

Tracy’s (54 years of age) and Hannah's (22 years of age) story – UK

After my mothers diagnoses of Glioblastoma at 54 years old, I searched high and low for alternative treatments due to the UK having none and I came across the Hallwang Clinic. I contacted them and they got back to me straight away with a treatment plan and the next thing we knew, we flew out to the clinic for mums first treatment.. We were welcomed by some of the most friendly people I have ever met at the Hallwang Clinic and made myself and mum feel right at ease. In the next week mum had lots of treatment which included Immunotherapy to target her tumour, we knew how grave Glioblastoma was and the chances of anything working were low but we were determined to find something! Even though there was a lot of treatment, the doctors, nurses and admin staff were all incredibly helpful and lovely, they made you feel like family. 

It has now been a year and we have been to the hallwang clinic three times. We got the extremely good news that mums tumour has shrunk which is incredible as the chances of that happening were so slim! My mother got a year and two months to survive... Its now been a year and she is better than ever. We are fighting strong and we never wouldn't of been able to be in our position without Hallwang. I urge anyone with a terminal illness to contact Hallwang, I will forever be grateful for what they have done for my mother.


Jayden was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme just last year, one month before his 17th birthday. He had to undergo surgery and combined radiotherapy with temozolomide. Temozolomide was then discontinued, as the tumor reocurred, and another surgery was performed followed by chemotherapy. In the last months, Jayden´s condition worsened rapidly with increased immobility and loss of vision. He was unable to open his left eye. That is when Jayden first came to the Hallwang Clinic, and was started on a combined immunotherapeutic strategy. Now, 2 months later, Jayden’s condition has improved, he has started moving his legs and arms again, and is able to open his left eye occasionally. It is still a way to go, but we are happy Jayden is gaining more strength every day now.


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