Testimonials - Ovarian cancer




Months ago, we posted Elizabeth´s (on the right in the picture) cancer story. We were happy to see the progress she made after she had been sent home to die because of her progressive ovarian cancer, and arrived at our clinic in a miserable state but filled with hope and determination. Given her poor condition, initial treatment possibilities were limited, but we came up with a treatment strategy that allowed her to regain strength and reduce tumor load. Step by step, Elizab eth regained her ability to walk, sit and eat without any restriction. Now, few weeks after our first post on her improved and amazing recovery, we are happy to share with you the fantastic news: After intense combined immunotherapeutic treatment protocols, a tumor debulking surgery could be performed and Elizabeth is now in complete remission! We are so incredibly happy for her!



In the last weeks we have been sharing stories of some of our patients with you. We admire the strength and courage of our patients to share these intimate details with the world. Elizabeth, one of our lovely patients, wants to encourage other patients not to give up on life, even if others told you that there is nothing that can be done anymore. Elizabeth arrived at our clinic with a private jet (air ambulance), as no airline would take her in her past condition. She was given little time left to live and the paramedics that accompanied her to our clinic wondered why we were receiving patients that were already dying. Please look at her pictures from a couple of months ago and now, and let us share the joy and hope Elizabeth has brought to our clinic! She still needs treatment to fight her metastatic ovarian cancer, but she is on the right track!

Mrs Ghandour

This is our dear patient, Mrs Ghandour (in the middle) and her dear husband, who are happy to share Mrs Ghandour´s story with our facebook friends. Mrs Ghandour came to us two years ago with the diagnosis of metastatic ovarian cancer-a devastating diagnosis for so many of our female patients. Prior to her first visit to our clinic, Mrs Ghandour lived the experience of surgery, chemotherapy and the complications that come with these treatments. We are proud to say we found the optimal treatment strategy for Mrs Ghandour encompassing combined immunotherapeutic approaches leading to complete remission. And now -2 years later- Mrs Ghandour received her most recent PET scan results showing persistent complete remission! We are so happy for you, Mrs Ghandour and hope you continue on this path!


Please take a look at this video reporting on one of our young patients, Gemma! She has also started a petition for life -saving treatment on the NHS. She is still missing votes!