Step one: Contact us

You can contact us either by phone or by email and talk to our administrative staff for general enquiries including financial enquiries or to arrange an appointment/telephone call with one of our consultants.

Prior to making any specific arrangements, we will ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Details of your medical history/report
  • Results of any exams, e.g.blood tests and scans
  • Written histopathology report, if applicable
  • Details of any treatment you may have received to date
  • Current medication list

All these documents need to be in English or German, or with an English or German translation if the originals are not in English or German.

Once we have received the information, our team of oncologists will review and discuss your case, and draft an individual treatment plan and cost estimate for you (the final treatment plan/cost estimate will be composed once you arrived at the clinic and after completion of a physical exam and further diagnostic exams, if applicable).
For further questions regarding your treatment plan you can arrange a telephone call with one of our consultants or just write us an email

STEP TWO: First days at the clinic