Step two: First days at the clinic

At the beginning of your stay with us, you will meet our staff and learn your way around the clinic and area. Our medical team and administrative staff will always be glad to assist you in any way and try to make your stay at the clinic as pleasant as possible. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Anytime.

The first consultation with your medical team at our clinic include:

1. Collecting and organising all the relevant information about your health based on the reports you have alreday sent us. This includes questions about your health, medication, allergies, previous operations and (chemo-)therapy.

2. The second part of the consultation requires a physical examination.

3. Your treatment plan is then discussed and explained (based on the draft you already received per email). If you are unsure about what to expect, please stop and ask. We are happy to go over the information as many times as needed in order to make you feel comfortable with the treatment strategy.

4. The final part of the consultation requires making further appointments as discussed in the plan, some of them might have been already organised beforehand, based on prior communication (e.g. appointments for radiation, transarterial chemoperfusion, diagnostic scans, etc.)

STEP ONE: Contact us