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I have seen some bad press lately about the clinic and just thought I would send a message of thanks and appreciation to all of you. Not only have I had healing from my treatments at Hallwang but I have met some of the most amazing people - Drs, nurses, and office staff. I feel so loved and supported there I think that could be enough to heal someone. I am so blessed to be able to have been given the opportunity for treatment at Hallwang.

I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me. When I arrived back in Dec I had so much bone pain I couldn’t stand up straight or take a deep breath. I was weak and needed help to walk a distance. I was thin and had lost a lot of weight. I was doing so poorly the family had flown my kids out to Germany to spend Christmas with me because I wasn’t sure we would have another to spend together. After receiving treatment at Hallwang that has changed. I feel very well. My pain is gone. My weight is back to normal and I am much stronger. I saw my US doctor last week and he said I look better than he has ever seen me look (he has been my doctor for 10 + years).

Thank you for putting up with all my crazy philosophies on health and the questioning I do. You are always understanding and open to what I ask and say. I appreciate that so much. There are not many doctors that are as kind and understanding as you (or have such a great sense of humor).

Isabelle, France

I was diagnosed at age 40 with a stage II triple negative cancer in both breasts, with BRACA mutation. Despite the heavy treatments I received successively (neoadjuvant chemotherapy, mastectomy and lumpectomy, adjuvant chemotherapy, radiotherapy), my cancer continued to progress very rapidly and metastasized to different parts of the body (liver, bones and ganglions). At this stage, I was proposed a palliative chemotherapy to slowdown the evolution of the disease, provided that my body was responsive to it.

I had heard of a promising treatment with immunotherapy for triple negative breast cancer. But the only way to obtain this treatment in France was to integrate one of the clinical trials. Unfortunately they were refused because I did not fit the criteria of the studies. Thus, after launching a crowdfunding campaign, I decided to go to Germany in november 2018 for new treatment options. Indeed, I knew a french patient with a diagnosis very close of mine who was successfully treated there. After less than 5 months of targeted immunotherapy and personalised treatment in Hallwang combined with a chemotherapy in France, I am now in complete remission. Youpi!

Hande’s story

We wish you a happy and healthy new year 2018! To start this year on a positive and inspiring note, we want to share with you Hande’s story. Hande is a 36 year old lovely young lady and mother of a 2 year old wonderful daughter. Unfortunately, at age 35, Hande was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, at time of diagnosis no metastases were present. In February 2017, she received her last dose of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, followed by surgery removing a 2.3 cm tumor and sentinel lymph nodes. Radiotherapy was completed in April 2017. In September 2017, a PET scan then showed multiple metastases to the lung, liver, lymph nodes and bone. On MRI, also brain metastases were diagnosed. Hande and her family were devastated.


In October 2017, Hande came to the Hallwang Clinic and received a combined immunotherapeutic approach with chemotherapy and personalized strategies, along with supportive treatments. Now, before the year 2017 ended, Hande and her family received the wonderful news that she is in complete remission! Her last scans from December show no sign of disease anymore, also her MRI of the brain is completely clear. 

We are so happy for you, Hande, and hope that 2018 brings you all you were hoping for, especially health and wonderful times with your family!


Your Hallwang team



Claire Cunningham, United Kingdom

In 2008 I discovered that I had grade 3 breast cancer in my right breast. I was given a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In 2012 the cancer returned in the same breast. I was then given a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. I was not offered chemotherapy or anything further. I continued with my life in a healthy, positive way. In January 2016 after feeling very ill it was confirmed that the cancer had spread to my bones, liver, lung, lymphatic system and now my left breast. I was given 6 months to live and was told there was nothing more could be done.


From January 2016 to August 2016 I continued self- medication along with diet, exercise, vitamins, minerals and anything else which I had learnt had a positive effect on cancer cells. Unfortunately, by the end of August 2016 I was very ill and told the cancer had spread into my skull and spine. At this time I became bedridden, unable to talk, walk or have any quality of life. My life as I knew it came to an end. The oncologists said there was no chance for me and wanted to put me in a hospice. My friends were desperate to find something that could help save my life… and it was in November 2016 that they found the Hallwang Clinic in Germany. My scans were sent and they said they could help me. At this point I was given up to 4 weeks to live and it was imperative I got to The Hallwang very quickly. I was flown by Air Ambulance to Germany where an Ambulance was waiting to transport me to the clinic. From this point my life was about to be transformed. In total I spent 5 months in the clinic receiving treatments. The Hallwang saved my life and gave me back my quality of life. After receiving the first targeted immunotherapies my life changed completely. Within 11 days the physio, Jurgen, had me walking on sticks down the corridor. After having been in a wheelchair for 4 months, this was a true miracle. I became able to talk and interact with people once again. In truth I had started to remember who I had been before my body had become ravaged with cancer. My time at the Hallwang was remarkable. It is a truly holistic place which concentrates on making you better. The doctors, nursing staff and everyone there is committed to making you well. The food is fantastic, all created to ensure you are eating the best ingredients to keep you strong throughout the treatments. The setting is in the middle of The Black Forest which warms your soul every day. Alongside the treatments you are given daily infusions of everything your body needs to keep the side effects to a minimum. These include all vitamins, minerals, boosting fluids and therapies. There is a fantastic phychiatrist, Ben, who is always available to discuss worries and also offers numerous meditation techniques which truly work, even for pain relief. Where I am now!


I left The Hallwang at the end of March 2017. ALL of my tumours have shrunk. My skull cancer has reduced 80 %. My breast cancer has gone completely. My liver tumour has been reduced to 1 cm x 1.5 cm. There is no sign of any tumours in my spinal fluid or lung. I walk twice a day with my dog. I am running my business, which has been my passion for 20 years. I laugh and feel blessed to be here. I feel better than I have for 2 years and my tumour markers have shrunk from 5000 to (last test 21/6/2017) 28!!! The normal range is 0 – 32. Miracles happen at The Hallwang. I met the most inspirational people of my life. I made friends for life and more importantly I got my life back. 

When I left England on 22nd November 2016 no-one thought they would see me again. They now see me smiling every day. I am returning to The Hallwang at the end of July. I am probably more excited than I have ever been to see doctors, nurses, restaurant staff and my friends the cleaners (Gerda especially). The Hallwang is all about HOPE and not hopelessness. Thomas Carlyle said … “he who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything“






Earlier this year we reported about Claire´s amazing recovery after she had been diagnosed with advanced, metastatic breast cancer and meningitis carcinomatosa. Claire came to our clinic in a poor clinical condition, unable to walk and confused. Now she is exercising and getting fitter and stronger every day. Tumor markers have further dropped significantly and last scans showed ongoing treatment response with regressive lesions and "distinctly better findings" with "completely regressive edema". We are so happy for you, Claire and see you back at the clinic to continue on this path!



We would like to continue this new year with uplifting and encouraging news. Claire, one of our patients, had a particularly good start into 2017 and is happy to share her experience with you. Claire was diagnosed with advanced, metastatic breast cancer and came to our clinic in a poor clinical condition, unable to walk and confused. Read here how she improved after only few months! We are so happy for her!





Kate Douglas, United Kingdom

My name is Kate Douglas and I am from the UK, originally diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer in October 2010 and then rediagnosed with advanced breast cancer which had spread to my bones, liver and lung in Dec 2012, after exhausting all treatment options in the UK I was told in September 2016 that due to limited drugs available, the fact that I had numerous failed lines of treatment and the fact that my liver was 60 per cent covered in tumours it would be unlikely that I made Christmas. I was given a treatment option but encouraged to enjoy what little time I had left with my six year old daughter and family despite feeling well! On hearing this it would have been quite easy just to accept this but I just couldn't, I have too much to live for!

Further to my research I found the Hallwang Private Oncology clinic and quickly got in touch with them to see if there were options. On arrival, at the Hallwang Private Oncology clinic myself and my partner were welcomed to the clinic for a consultation with the head oncologist. He was a breath of fresh air, full of positivity and his knowledge of all treatments, conventional and alternative, are incredible. Suddenly I felt like a person with an identity rather than a number who had been put in the 'written off' pile. All the staff and nurses were so friendly and the food was amazing. It was a ‚ home from home' feel which was important if I was to attend the clinic regularly. The medical team has since guided my treatment plan every step of the way and I have full confidence in them and as a result my tumour markers have dropped by over half, my liver enzymes are nearly in normal range and to top it off my three month scan showed substantial reduction of the tumours in my liver with no new sites. 

I have attended the clinic with my partner 'les' and also flown alone for treatment. I never feel worried that I will be alone as I have made lots of new friends at the clinic and everyone is so welcoming, individuals and families from all over the world with that one wish 'to be well again'. I am fully reliant on fundraising through gofundme and so far I have been blessed, I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have got me to this point.



S. (wants to stay anonymous)

Here some encouraging results from one of our breast cancer patients. S. (wants to stay anonymous, but happy to share results) first arrived in our clinic in June last year, after having received the devastating diagnosis of left-sided breast cancer with lymph node metastases. Her mother had just been successfully treated at our clinic for ovarian cancer (now in complete remission), so S. turned to us for help. Analysis of her tumor tissue revealed positivity for several treatment targets, so a multimodal treatment strategy including antibody treatment and further immunotherapy was initiated. Already in October 2016, a tumor mass could not be identified anymore in the left breast and S. achieved a complete remission status. She now decided to undergo a breast-conserving surgical treatment with axillary lymphadenectomy and is doing great.


We are so happy to share these amazing results!

Mark Fulton, Australia

"I am 47 years of age, male, and had stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2006. I received a mastectomy, Chemotherapy and was on hormone treatment, Tamoxifen, for 5 years. My cancer returned as stage 4 in 2014 and was in 14 of my lymph nodes and had metastasized to the lungs. My Oncologists in Australia could not offer me any new treatments and didn’t offer much hope, so I decided to make the trip to Germany due to their range of innovative, non-invasive treatments. They also have experience with male Breast Cancer unlike in Australia. I arrived at Hallwang Clinic July 2014, and stayed for just over 3 weeks.


I received immunotherapeutic treatments. I found the clinic like a home away from home. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and personalised treatment I received. I had little, if no side effects and I found the doctors at Hallwang to always have my best interest at heart. 

When I returned to Australia, I continued to eat healthily with my no sugar, no carbohydrates diet and incorporated organic food into my life. Hallwang clinic also supplied me with 3 months of treatment to take home. I knew at any time if I had any questions, I could contact the doctors there. I also continued with Infusions and Hyperthermia treatments at home. My PET scan back in Australia, to my immense joy, has revealed that my cancer is now totally gone. I can only regard the treatment I received while at Hallwang Clinic as truly life saving.



Hayley Kalinins


Here a new update on Hayley's experience at the clinic. Hayley was diagnosed with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer in 2011 and started treatment at our clinic earlier this year after being diagnosed with progressive disease...



Dear Hayley, thank you so much for sharing your experience at Hallwang with your facebook community. It makes us unbelievably happy and also proud to see how well you are doing and how treatments at the clinic and other people you have met here have changed your life. It is amazing and also impressive to see how you and your story inspire other people and give hope to those that are desperately looking for new treatment options. We meet so many different patients every day, all with a different background and story, but all have in common that they do not want to give up and do not accept being turned down and sent home without any more treatment options in their home countries. We are so happy to help!


Facebook Video Hayley Kalinins

Facebook Video Hayley Kalinins - Here is my latest update



Alice and Claude M., France

We came to the Hallwang oncology clinic because Alice was treated in France for a very agressive relapse of a triple negative breast cancer in April 2016. Unfortunately the chemotherapy treatment given in France gave no result and it was impossible to have an immunotherapy in France either in a clinical trial or directly. After 8 weeks of targeted immunotherapy treatment in Hallwang combined with a chemotherapy in France, Alice has been in a almost complete remission.

Please note that due to the data protection law, we cannot provide any updates about past testimonials that have been published following our patients’ wishes.  Furthermore, please don’t misunderstand the testimonials as an objective and complete treatment summary. In many cases, the patients use testimonials to express their gratitude to our team, as we have supported them in a very difficult situation, regardless of their treatment response. In case of a patient’s death, we cannot always publish this under the testimonial due to the data protection law. In case you are a patient or a legal representative and want to have a testimonial removed, please contact our administration: info@remove-this.hallwang-clinic.com

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