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University Hospitals that are ranked in newspapers or online rankings as “world’s best cancer clinic”, get often named “world’s best cancer clinic” based on their own or their affiliated research institute’s scientific achievements in basic research and clinical trials, their size, patient capacity, cost efficiency etc.

No doubt, that we need scientific leading oncology clinics with a strong research background which work together with all the pharmaceutical companies to evaluate new drug possibilities in clinical trials for certain groups of cancer patients in order to find new therapeutic possibilities for patients in a similar condition - getting these therapies approved and covered by insurance companies. Evidence-based medicine is a crucial part in the therapy of cancer patients, defining standards in therapy protocols.

Nevertheless, we need more individualized therapeutic approaches for cancer patients in order to successfully help patients with individual characteristics of their tumor cells, individual co-morbidities and challenging situations - in order to be better than the standards, achieving the best possible results for the individual cancer patient in need.

What is the world’s best cancer clinic? A question that remains unanswered in this aspect when it comes to patient individualized and comprehensive therapy approaches. A world’s best cancer clinic should be therefore viewed from different perspectives. Read here what makes us different.

We believe that a world’s best cancer clinic is capable to provide access to all possible therapeutic options without the limitations of clinical trials and country specific limitations and regulations. A world’s best cancer clinic is capable to follow the most advanced international guidelines for cancer therapies, but would always work in the patient’s best interest and aim for the individual patient’s best outcome with a comprehensive precision-based/immunotherapeutic, multi-modal and patient-individualized treatment protocol. Click here to discover immunotherapy.


17. March 2020

We would like to share with you a comment in regard to the corona virus pandemia.

29. January 2020

January 2020 - Up2Date in HER2-positive breast cancer: New therapy strategy available

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