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Stage IV Cancer

Is there a cure for stage 4 cancer?

Today‘s health challenges demand 21st century solutions – Targeted, patient-focused treatment strategies and immunotherapies have achieved extraordinary long-term and outstanding therapy results in stage IV cancer patients. Thus, is stage IV cancer curable nowadays? It appears possible, but … unfortunately still not for every cancer patient.

With modern precision-based and multi-disciplinary patient-individualized and immunotherapeutic concepts and their combinations it is able to achieve long lasting complete remissions in a stage IV cancer setting for individual patients, but it is not yet fully understood why certain patients respond and benefit better from these protocols than others. While tumor entities in which long-term remissions have been achieved ranges from skin cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, renal cell carcinoma, lung cancer, colon cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and other adenocarcinomas and certain sarcoma subtypes, so does the individual biomarker constellation presented by the individual patient’s tumor cells. It is a cancer therapy breakthrough that even in some very advanced and progressive metastatic disease settings, complete remissions and long-term survivals have been achieved and maintained. It appears, that precision based and patient-individualized therapy concepts are superior therapy strategies in the context of achieving complete and long term remissions in stage IV cancer. Therefore, first and foremost you have to look at the tumor itself to understand what targeted treatment the patient needs. A treatment that might work for one cancer patient, does not necessarily work for another patient, even though they have both the same type of cancer. Consequently, we have established one of the most advanced genomic and immunotherapeutic profilings currently available with our university network and partners around the world. 

What is stage 4 cancer?

In non-hematological cancer types, stage IV cancer is referred to as metastatic cancer. In this case, the primary tumor has unfortunately been able to spread to other tissues / to distant parts of the body (e.g. liver-, lung-, bone-, brain metastasis, etc.). Due to the metastatic setting, the prognosis is limited under current approved therapy guidelines for stage IV cancer patients – referred to as palliative therapy. Typical palliative therapies are used to prolong and to improve quality of life. Nowadays, with modern precision-based and multi-disciplinary patient-individualized and immunotherapeutic concepts and combinations, outcomes and overall survival rates already demonstrate their distinct transcendence compared to standard (chemo) treatment protocols for metastatic cancer patients.

Which hospital is best for stage 4 cancer worldwide?

We see stage IV cancer is a very challenging and critical condition that demands best medical accessibility in all aspects of oncology, starting with the most patient-focused health system enabling a nearly unlimited access to oncological drugs and therapy strategies without country-specific laws and limitations in regards to precision-based and patient-individualized therapies. Furthermore we want to highlight our view, that it is of utmost importance that these therapies are applied and monitored by a board-certified, specialized (immuno)oncologist and nursing team with a long standing experience in immuno-oncology and precision-based oncology, since these therapies, although in general well-tolerated, can have potentially severe and unwanted side-effects. A modern oncological expert should be open-minded for a comprehensive integrated oncology concept. Close monitoring, with an ideal ratio of 1:1 nurse to patient, enabling direct oncological therapeutic decisions under close nursing care and monitoring, which would be otherwise limited in overcrowded wards with limited staff. A therapy success orientated focus within a healing, friendly and patient-orientated atmosphere.

Reference : World‘s Best Cancer Clinic



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16. Dezember 2020

1O - Clinical outcomes in post-operative ctDNA-positive muscle-invasive urothelial carcinoma (MIUC) patients after atezolizumab adjuvant therapy

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